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Recruiting new employees can be a costly and time-consuming process for organizations. Drafting job requirements, searching for suitable candidates, scrutinizing Cvs, responding to candidates, scheduling & conducting interviews and checking references are all necessary but time-demanding and costly exercises.

Aside from recruitment exercises, there are countless day-to-day operational activities that will always require the attention of an in-house HR or Manager which might slow down the recruitment process.

Slow recruitment process is unhealthy for your business in the following ways

1. An irritated candidate has the potential to do some serious damage, especially in an age where social media rules and bad news travels fast.

2. It Increases employee turnover due to the high workload of other staff trying to fill up the vacuum for the empty position.

3. Your Firm  will lose significant revenue and productivity because vacant positions are opened for too many days

4. Slow decisions will make your company lose the best talents, not only that they will voice their frustrations to their network.

We Take the hardworK!

Spininfluence Consulting specializes in taking the hard work out of the recruitment process; our services are designed to save you time, ease your hiring process and find you, ideal candidates both professional and non-professional employees of different levels while you channel your time into the daily operation of your business. We are known for our cost-effective, efficient, and quality full-cycle recruitment process.

benefits of using our RPO service:

  • Talent Pooling
  • Fast access to the most qualified and skilled manpower
  • Reduced Time to Hire
  • Reduced Recruitment Cost
  • Excellent compliance regulation
  • Accountability
  • Enhanced Employment Branding
  • Mitigation of operational risk
  • Removal of Administrative burden of recruitment

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